Assistive Technology


Available Technology

Do you have trouble reading the tiny type on road maps? Do you need to make a TTY [teletypewriter) call? Do you have trouble hearing film or lecture presentations? Visit the library! The Shelter Rock Public Library is pleased to feature assistive devices for people with special needs, including a Closed-Circuit Magnifier, a new TTY and a Com Tek Assistive Listening System for the Program Room.

Closed-Circuit Magnifier

The Closed-Circuit Magnifier is a top of the line machine that increases the size, contrast and readability of books, maps, letters and more. It is helpful for both people with vision problems and people with learning disabilities.

Text Telephone (TTY)

The TTY is a communication device used by deaf and hard of hearing, features a low-vision display and a printer.

Com Tek System

The Com Tek System is a large area assistive listening system that transmits sound to a personal receiver and headset for patrons who are hard of hearing.

Community Availablity

The Library is pleased to serve the community by making this equipment available anytime the library is open. For information please contact the Reference Department by telephone (248-7363) or by TTY (248-2367).

The library received this equipment as part of an assistive technology grant, administered by the Nassau Library System. The grant is funded by Federal Library Services and Technology Act funds, awarded to the New York State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services.