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New Book Alerts

Now there’s an easy way to check on new books, movies and music arriving at the library every week. Visit our New Book Alerts page, or subscribe to our New Book Alerts newsletter. As soon as a new title “hits-the-shelf” you’ll be one of the first to know about it. Then click on the “borrow” link to reserve your copy.

Select Reads

If you love to keep up with the latest releases and your favorite authors, SelectReads is for you. You can sign up for monthly newsletters that will keep you up to date on your favorite genres or authors, including new releases at SRPL; see what books have won major awards and each month we will send you a newsletter with book selections for the month.

Author Check

A new way to connect with your favorite authors. An easy way to track your favorite authors. Receive email alerts when the library receives a new book by authors you’ve selected. A full database of authors and their books, that the library owns, including author profiles. In real-time, see new materials being added to our library's collection, of your favorite authors. A way to search for your favorite authors by genre. If you love to read mysteries, find other mystery authors that the library owns.

You do not need a library card to subscribe, only an email address. However, a library card is needed to place a reserve. Select Reads will help you find the kind of books you'll enjoy for many hours of satisfying reading.